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KVAL: exRayMat Evidence-based shielding device to reduce medical team radiation exposure during procedures.

Alternative title: exRayMat Evidensbasert beskyttelse for å redusere det medisinske teamets stråling i forbindelse med prosedyrer

Awarded: NOK 0.50 mill.

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Project Period:

2022 - 2023

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Based on clinical experience and bench testing the inventors at HUH has developed a simple, flexible, easy to use and low cost x-ray shield. Radiation shielding is mandatory for interventional cardiologists but there is a need to improve efficacy and ease of use. As part of an RCN qualification project, the team has conducted a pilot randomized controlled trial to evaluate shielding effect and user feedback with excellent results. The team has also developed technical drawings and performed a sourcing study to prepare for an exit in into a start-up in 2023.

The project has completed the clinical trails, analysis and submitted the results for publication. The documented shielding effect indicate a reduction to levels where the operators no longer need to wear PPE, hence lead aprons, which is a significant part of the value proposition for the exRayMat. At the same time the user feedback have ensured us that we have a good fit between the product and the end users’ expectations. During the course of the project, we have managed to progress the technology towards an imminent exit where the invention will be taken to market via a start-up company. The qualification project has contributed to preparing the technology for a start-up and hopefully towards market introduction within a few years.

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