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E!1538 3D BirdEye

Alternative title: 3D BirdEye

Awarded: NOK 5.8 mill.

Drones are increasingly used in crisis and emergency response in critical situations. Disaster and emergency managers need to make rapid and qualified decisions. They need actionable intelligence, usually in terms of live video or, after natural disasters, often 3D terrain modeling. Moreover, video streaming requires a high bitrate for streaming (like 5 Mbits/s) which is often a challenge under difficult network circumstances. Today, building 3D models from video typically take hours. The 3D-BirdEye solution will dramatically change that by developing an integrated process with video streaming in HD at rates down to only 200 kbps – a reduction of 95% - and provide live 3D video in real-time to remote analysts and decision-makers. The United Nations (UNOSAT) is a reference user for 3D-BirdEye, aiming to reduce disaster impacts by providing faster response to critical situations. UNOSAT is engaged in climate action and response to natural and man-made disasters. 3D-BirdEye will create an all-software solution that: 1. can capture and communicate geospatial HD Video via very low bandwidth Satellite or radio links, so UAV flights can operate beyond the limited range of local radio Links, and 2. at the receiver side, local or remote, in real-time, provide 3D Birdeye perspective terrain model video. This significantly improves actionable intelligence by revolutionizing the making 3D video from UAV. By combining and evolving cutting-edge technologies from AnsuR and I-CONIC, the 3D-BirdEye solution is well beyond the current state-of-the-art. The final product will be a cloud-based online platform that can be sold as Software-as-as-Service (Saas).

The project is rooted in the Eurostars 1538 3D BirdEye The project will develop a new operational solution for the target rapid response market. By combining cutting-edge technologies from AnsuR and I-CONIC, our solution is well beyond the current state-of-the-art. Today, the building of 3D models with in-situ input typically take hours. We will develop asolution where we process and deliver 3D in real-time to remote analysts and decision-makers, even if they are in the field. The features include: -- Capture and real-time communication of video streams from UAVs, even on lowbandwidth networks including satellite. -- Instant updates of 3D models of target area (landscape, buildings, etc) -- Instant measurements (volume, distance, slope, etc) -- 3D coordinates of moving objects -- Stereoscopic viewing for enhanced manual interpretation. The technical development is disruptive, evolutionary and incremental. The main advances are: -- Real-time 3D stereo viewing. This does not exist on the market today -- 10x more effective video streaming that is adaptive, network resilient and error free -- 3x more effective networking over multi-hop/link wireless links -- Ability to pro-actively connect satellite communication before another link break -- Combine Satcom with terrestrial networks for cyber-security purposes -- 3D processing more than 100x faster than industry standard The solution will be offered as a platform that can be provided online and sold as Software-as-as-Service (Saas)

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