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IKTPLUSS-IKT og digital innovasjon

5th Nordic Workshop on Digital Foundations of Business, Operations, Strategy and Innovation 2023

Awarded: NOK 63,855

Ongoing digital transformation affects all aspects of society and is increasingly embraced across the globe. All Nordic countries are in the process of implementing national strategies related to digitalisation and can be considered as digital frontrunners in a global context. Heavy investments trigger digitalization in both public and private sectors, such as healthcare, welfare services, banking, heavy assets industry. While digitalisation is seen as a tool for sustainable Nordic development, it is also a multifaceted novel phenomenon. As such, we need to build a better interdisciplinary understanding of challenges and opportunities surrounding the digital transformation. DBOSI, a Nordic Workshop on Digital Foundations of Business, Operations, Strategy and Innovation, has become an arena to foster further the understanding of the digital transformation. DBOSI´23 is designed to bring together researchers of technology, seeking to advance knowledge and understanding of digital transformations and their implications for organizations and society. DBOSI´23 is planned as a two-day event in February 2023. The DBOSI community connects diverse research fields such as organization, economics, science and technology, management and strategy, economics and behaviour research while having a core in Information systems (IS) research. IS research enhances knowledge development and conceptual instruments to understand digital transformation. Nordic IS promotes a focus on societal impact, user organizations and the welfare aspects of information systems. It also addresses the consequences of digital transformation for individuals, organizations, and societies. In addition, the research is engaged with public and private sector aiming to contribute not only to academic research but to also solve problems for users and IT professionals. As such development of a strong Nordic community is important to support practitioners in the digital transformation of society.

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IKTPLUSS-IKT og digital innovasjon