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The Arctic Marine Ecosystem Research Network (ARCTOS) – supporting the next generation of Arctic experts

Alternative title: The Arctic Marine Ecosystem Research Network (ARCTOS) – støtte til neste generasjon av arktiske eksperter

Awarded: NOK 0.60 mill.

The Arctic Ocean is going through multiple changes like loss of summer sea ice cover, warming, and shifting ranges of species. Understanding the impacts of these multiple stressors on the marine ecosystem is complex and requires scientific and management approaches that go across disciplines. ARCTOS is a north Norwegian network that links management, private and university institutions, focusing on Arctic systems. The suggested activities in the proposal will provide early career scientists (ECRs) a wide range of training opportunities like individual mentoring and discussion forums. Many of these activities will be opened also to ECRs outside the ARCTOS network. Furthermore ARCTOS will broaden its impact by connecting to international efforts like the Arctic Science Partnership and through presence at international meetings.

The climate change impacts in the Arctic are widespread; threatening its sensitive ecosystems, while also generating new economic opportunities and stoking dynamic geopolitical issues. The assessments and effective management and governance of this region in the future will require well educated early career scientists, with knowledge not only about Arctic science, but also the ability to think cross-disciplinary, work in teams and communicate clearly. The ARCTOS network project is based on northern Norway with members from six institutions. It provides Norwegian and international early career scientists(ECRs) a cross-institutional base to train a wide range of job skills through a diverse set of measures. ECR focused training meetings supported through this grant will include short colloquia focused on science and professional job skills (ARCTOS colloquia) as well as a multi-day retreat with ECRs and senior scientists, covering a wide range of emerging scientific topics as well as soft training and mentoring for future career developments. ARCTOS will prepare ECRs for their future role of independent scientists at research and/or management institutions. The ARCTOS efforts are strongly linked through involving ECRs from several Norwegian (e.g. Nansen Legacy, BREATHE) and international research efforts (e.g. MOSAiC). Through this project networking across ARCTOS and Norwegian institutions as well as international networks like the Arctic Science Partnership will be intensified.

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