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BacPress - active packing technology to increase food shelf life

Alternative title: BacPress - aktiv pakketeknologi for å øke matens holdbarhet

Awarded: NOK 5.0 mill.

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Project Period:

2023 - 2025

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The BacPress technology solves the need for maximum product quality, increased shelf life and food safety, by utilizing already available equipment and new scientific knowledge. BacPress combines proprietary antimicrobials and high pressure processing to obtain optimal product quality which will be maintained for fresh packaged foods. In addition, the shelf life of these products, including high-risk listeriosis-products, will increase quite significantly and allow for products to be safer. This combination is not achievable with today’s food preservation methods. For many sensitive high value products, extended shelf life is a significant barrier due to contamination of Listeria during processing. Listeria poses a particular challenge as it can grow under refrigeration temperatures and can survive mild heat treatment and high-pressure processing (HPP). It can also even recover after exposure to stress. BacPress has solved this challenge, by developing a novel and patentable technology, which can be a small revolution for the food industry. The BacPress technology can offer a novel active packaging technology for an industry with an annual revenue of US$ 500 billion. This project seeks to verify that the results obtained in a controlled laboratory setting can be replicated in a real life environment together with industry.

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