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PAMS – Coral Polyp Activity Monitoring System for Environmental Effect Monitoring and Impact Assessments

Alternative title: PAMS - Korall Polyp Monitorerings System for miljøeffektovervåkning og konsekvensutredninger

Awarded: NOK 5.0 mill.

The deep ocean below 200 m water depth is the least observed but largest habitat on our planet by volume and area, providing critical climate regulation, and houses a wealth of energy, mineral, and biological resources. As part of this challenge, corals and industry need to co-exist to realize sustainable green industry goals. The economic value of industrial activities associated with coral reefs has been estimated to $30 billion. NORCE has developed and filed patents for PAMS (Polyp Activity Monitoring System) as an innovative biosensor and methodology to monitor coral welfare in their natural environment and impacts resulting from use of the ocean. PAMS is based on detailed knowledge of deep-water coral behavioral end-points and novel image analysis for in-situ measurements of ecologically relevant data. Decision support and risk assessments related to deep-sea industrial activities are a focus for industry clients, and regulative bodies. There is also a general acknowledgment that the deep sea can provide a number of services to benefit human society and provide resources to realize the green deal. Coral polyp activity measurements reflect the health status of corals, which can be related to their survival, and a change in this activity can be a good indicator of stress and potentially coral health status change. The system’s ability to capture, analyze and display data is not like anything being provided by current suppliers, using time-lapse picture shooting, acquisition and processing to obtain the whole coral nubbin silhouette. The system can add value as a stand-alone technology and service, or as part of integrated environmental monitoring campaigns. The implementation team will drive progress in applicable technical domains and support commercial maturity. Interaction with industrial and financial stakeholders forms an integrated part of the project to de-risk the technology and establish a plan for long-term value creation, including a spin-off company.

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