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Polar Plants in a Changing World: Challenges and Adaptations; Research Stay in UK.

Awarded: NOK 0.13 mill.

I study how plants cope with the challenge of living in polar areas, especially during times of rapid change. I use interdisciplinary and international approaches, but working across disciplinary and cultural boarders can be challenging. We all have our ‘own ways’ of doing things, and yet when experts from different areas of science and from different cultural perspectives surmount the difficulties and cooperate in polar research, then the integrated perspectives gained are well worth the effort. I will carry out my research stay in the UK, a nation that is highly experienced in polar research. I will be based at Bristol University: School of Geographical Sciences Glaciology Group, and make some short visits to The British Antarctic Survey: Biodiversity, Evolution and Adaptation Team, in Cambridge. I will spend time with my hosts to strengthen my contacts within polar science and use the expertise from both institutions involved to initiate a grant proposal and a scientific review. Future collaborative research will include the role of melting glaciers for nutrient turnover & plant succession; and comparisons of growth and development between polar plants at differing latitudes. This research stay abroad has thus potential to improve understanding of polar ecosystems, increase international cooperation; generate new interdisciplinary research in the Arctic & Antarctic, and recruit and train young people in polar science.

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