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NANO2021-Nanoteknologi og nye materiale

International Symposium on Olefin Metathesis and Related Chemistry

Awarded: NOK 99,999

The International Symposium on Olefin Metathesis and Related Chemistry (ISOM) is the main arena for communication between stakeholders in olefin metathesis (OM), a reaction class embraced since the discovery of readily-handled ruthenium OM catalysts in the 1990s as a potentially “green technology” for the synthesis of materials, natural products, new drugs, and the utilization of bio-based feedstocks. Despite the wide range of possibilities that OM enable, its actual industrial uptake has been slower than expected. This delay partly being due to lack of communication between the developers and users of OM technology, the organizers of the next ISOM conference (ISOM-XXIV) will maximize the possibilities for such communication in the first edition, in July-2023 in Bergen, of this series since 2019. Invited Industrial Lectures (i.e., lectures on examples, opportunities, and challenges of OM applications given by industrial representatives), panel discussions on barriers to industrial uptake, and industry—academia “speed dating” sessions, are some of the initiatives that will foster communication and spur the development and uptake of OM to enable advances in biotechnology and materials science

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NANO2021-Nanoteknologi og nye materiale