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SSF-Svalbard Science Forum

Landscape architectural analysis of Longyearbyen's permafrost for the afterlife design of Mine #7, RiS ID: 12115

Awarded: NOK 35,999

This project is a part of a master’s diploma which will propose a landscape architectural solution for the afterlife of Mine #7 in Svalbard. The design will be developed with a long-term perspective; considering the fluctuating conditions of thawing permafrost, as climate change impacts Longyearbyen’s above and below ground conditions. Through this design proposal, a new method of planning and remediating coal mining landscapes with consideration of their future heritage will be presented. To effectively develop this proposal, fieldwork must be conducted to record permafrost's influence on Arctic infrastructure and landscape, as well as the spatial conditions of Longyearbyen’s coal mines. These will be documented using landscape architectural methods such as photography, videos, sketching, sound recording, 3D scans, and text. In the end, this diploma and fieldwork will be presented in an online exhibit, public display in Tromsø and Oslo, and final diploma review. Within these means, this project seeks to generate discussions, and propose new strategies for the design and remediation of permafrost and Arctic mining landscapes.

Funding scheme:

SSF-Svalbard Science Forum