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Geological survey of oveRbAnk sedimeNts In arcTic strEams

Awarded: NOK 39,029

To gain a better understanding of the processes that occur during weathering processes of local geological material connected to Arctic catchment areas and river systems studies of overbank sediments plays a vital role. In general, knowledge about properties of the composition and physical-chemical properties of overbank sediments in Arctic is limited. This includes, for example, the relative contributions of local as well as long-distant sources, but also the proportions of freshly deposited or older material. This study will focus on the chemical and geological composition of overbank sediments in a typical Arctic river connected to lake system receiving glacier feed water as well as a directly connected glacier fed river. A suitable and easily accessible river connected to lake system receiving glacier feed water is Diesetelva, while a suitable direct glacier fed river without a connected lake system is Byaelva in Ny-Ålesund. The Arctic Field Grant applied for will therefore be used to collect overbank sediments in these to Arctic river systems. Samples will be studied after analysis using ICP-MS, both with respect to the mineral composition as well as potential footprint of long-range transported and local contamination sources for metals mixed into the overbank sediment material. In addition, measurements of natural organic carbon and inorganic carbon (TOC, ROC, TIC and TC) will be performed using carbon determination by combustion with oxygen at different temperatures to obtain further information about the composition of the overbank sediments. Further, pH measurements of the particulate matter will also be carried out following NS-EN ISO 10390:2022.

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