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Effect and responses of experimental warming on Dryas octopetala-dominated vegetation in High Arctic versus alpine ecosystems, RiS ID 10030

Awarded: NOK 23,941

This master thesis aims to investigate the responses of experimental warming of the shrub Dryas octopetala in terms of its abundance, plant height and NDVI at a High Arctic and alpine site. It is expected that both abundance and plant height of Dryas will increase with warming, and that plant height and greening will be more pronounced in areas with higher soil moisture. The focus of the study will be on differences in responses between the High Arctic site in Endalen, Svalbard and the alpine site in Finse, mainland Norway. I will measure abundance, plant height and greening of Dryas in experimentally warmed sites in Endalen, Svalbard, and compare it with measurements taken at Finse.

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SSF-Svalbard Science Forum