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Sediment methane variability in Arctic lakes

Awarded: NOK 52,871

This project is part of my doctoral thesis. Northern lakes represent a globally significant source of atmospheric methane, powerful greenhouse gas that is predicted to increase with the accelerated warming in the Arctic. Yet, the effect of rapid warming on the fate of natural methane emissions in Arctic lakes is poorly understood. The aim of my PhD project is to improve our comprehension of methane cycling processes in lacustrine sediments in Svalbard. Therefore, it is vital for my project to realize fieldwork there. Through the multiple stable isotopic analyses of sediment cores, I am investigating climatic, landscape and hydrological factors that influence methane production. For this reason, it is important that my lake dataset includes wide gradient of landscape parameters. Further I will study how these factors influence net methane emissions on decadal to millennial timescale. With that, I would like to investigate if the methane emissions from arctic lake sediments may be influenced by other climatic periods in the recent past, and how large that potential impact is.

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SSF-Svalbard Science Forum