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Studie of birds As vectoR for inorganiC and organic conTaminants In ArctiC soil systems (RIS-ID 12129)

Awarded: NOK 40,316

The main goal for this project is to study the role of birds as vectors for contaminants in Arctic soil systmes, and will include non-targeted screening of organic compounds as well as study of heavy metals and methylmercury in soil samples from bird rich areas to bring new knowledge to the field. The planned work will also consider physical/chemical properties of the soil (pH, natural organic carbon content, temperature, and degree of sun exposure). Fieldwork is planned to be carried out during autumn period (2023) to avoid disturbance of birds. Samples will be collected after 15 of August in three selected bird rich areas; Stuphallet Nordvågfjellet, and Ossian Sarsfjellet, all sites close to Ny-Ålesund. In each area the plan is to collect samples form 10 sub-locations using small stainless steel (0,45 L) manual scoops, resulting in totally 30 individual soil samples of approximately 500 grams each to achieve representative samples (ISO routine 18400).

Funding scheme:

SSF-Svalbard Science Forum