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ORganic and inOrganic pollUTants in High Arctic Wetlands and Moss samplEs

Awarded: NOK 27,304

This AFG application is to cover fieldwork required for my master thesis project at NTNU with aim to study organic and inorganic pollutants in high Arctic wetlands and moss samples. Wetland areas as well as specific moss species have traditionally been used in studies of atmospheric deposited pollutants. In Arctic areas, such studies are however very limited, especially when it comes to studies of non-local pollution. This fieldwork will be a continuation of ongoing research activity at Department of Chemistry NTNU, where the main aim is to achieve better and new knowledge on distribution and transport mechanisms of pollutants to and in Arctic, and fate of pollutants that reach the Arctic environment. Sampling will include soil, peat in wetland that are peat-producing and dependent on permafrost (Kiærstranda, Ny-Ålesund) and sampling of moss (Hylocomium splendens) in the northern part of Brøggerhalvøya (Stuphallet) as well as east of Kong Haakons Halvøy (Regnardnest/Speidarneset). Samples will be brought back to NTNU for non-target screening analyzes for organic pollutants, determination of both total mercury and methyl mercury, and elemental analyses.

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