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TRANSPORT-Transport 2025

Profitable city-friendly micromobility

Alternative title: Lønnsom byvennlig mikromobilitet

Awarded: NOK 9.6 mill.

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2023 - 2026

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Introducing PROCITY: Revolutionizing Micromobility for Efficiency and Sustainability PROCITY is a groundbreaking research project focused on improving micromobility, such as bike-sharing and scooter-sharing programs. By addressing cost drivers like rebalancing, maintenance, and energy management, PROCITY aims to make micromobility more efficient and cost-effective. With a diverse team including Urban Sharing, Ryde, UIP Drift, NTNU researchers, and Bergen Municipality, PROCITY develops advanced tools and a unique profitability algorithm for micromobility operators. Collaboration among operators is encouraged, leading to reduced costs and better resource utilization. The project has significant value creation potential and plans for expanding into European markets after successful implementation. In summary, PROCITY revolutionizes micromobility through efficiency, cost reduction, and collaboration, creating a more accessible and sustainable transportation option.

PROCITY will address the three main cost drivers in modern-day micromobility fleet operations; namely rebalancing, maintenance, and energy management. The project will enable operators, like Ryde and Oslo, Bergen, and Trondheim City Bike, to optimise their efforts across these cost drivers, while still complying with local policies and regulations. The project results will be a set of new premium modules implemented in Urban Sharing's state-of-the-art fleet management platform with validated profitability improvement for micromobility operators. Together with our partners, we will also identify common challenges amongst operators and facilitate cooperation, resulting in more sustainable use of resources and reduced costs for all parties involved. PROCITY is the first project - combining the three main cost drivers - developing a unique profitability algorithm for micromobility - encouraging and incentivizing collaboration among micromobility operators The project is a collaboration between the leading micromobility software platform, Urban Sharing, the operator Ryde, UIP Drift (owners of Oslo, Bergen, and Trondheim City Bike), expert researchers at NTNU and Bergen Municipality as a regulator. Together, they represent all relevant stakeholders to create a new, collaborative standard in the market and help make efficient and environmentally friendly micromobility offerings available to the public. The total value creation potential from the project alone is 200 MNOK+. Given a successful project, we expect that an expansion to the European markets will be done shortly after the end of the project

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TRANSPORT-Transport 2025