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Blue Data for a Green Future

Awarded: NOK 74,999

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2022 - 2023


The deep sea is a complex and remote habitat of immense size with large potential. Yet there is still a lack of information about what lies beneath the sea surface as only 1/5th of the ocean floor is currently mapped. Hence, the EC published its Strategic Foresight Report, announcing plans to step-up deep-sea research, to better understand the risks and the level of harm different technologies and operational practices may pose to the marine ecosystem. USEA has developed a first-of-a-kind hybrid framework to conduct seabed mapping by means of a subsea & surface automation blend. USEA has been developing a unique unmanned surface vessel (USV) operated with a combination of battery and biofuel that utilizes autonomous underwater vehicles (AUV) equipped with sensors for ocean bed mapping, inspection and light interventions. Our system uses a ground-breaking, patented and highly advanced unmanned launch and recovery system, which is the only system available today that can launch, recover and recharge AUVs from an unmanned vessel. By using USEA technology, the collection of data from oceans can be done in a cheaper, cleaner, faster and more secure manner, without posing a risk to the crew or harming marine life, all while cutting emissions in the process. This project will enable USEA to 1) mature and refine the subsea & surface automation blend system and bring it to TRL9; 2) demonstrate the USEA technology at operational environment by performing the world’s first autonomous subsea survey, accomplished in collaboration with a test user; 3) prepare commercialization, fast scale-up and market roll-out of USEA technology. The EIC-A program provides a unique opportunity for USEA to showcase the potential of its technology and gain market intelligence that will ultimately lead to acceptance by end-users. The completion of the project is important for ensuring a successful entrance to the market and commercialization of our disruptive solution for autonomous seabed mapping.

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