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Wood Extracts & MFC in sustainable Agriculture (WEMSA)

Awarded: NOK 0.22 mill.

Borregaard see a potential to develop new applications for our bio-based nano cellulose in sustainable agriculture and also to further develop some of the successful results from our BACS project (RCN 295501) which was finalized summer 2022 and the ongoing L2BA (RCN 321427). So far we are working to include the following topics in the collaboration: 1a. Exilva nano cellulose in herbicide formulations 1b. Exilva nano cellulose in fungicide formulations 1c. Exilva as a rheology additive and structuring agent/stabiliser for Agricultural formulations 1d. Exilva as a film-former for Agricultural formulations 2. Extracts of bark, other side streams and lignin-based polyphenols against nematodes (possibly also positive effects on mycorrhiza and PGPR (Plant Growth-hormon PRoducing bacteria)). Here we describe the overall summary of the full project. Tasks for Borregaard in the project (list below) will not warrant Borregaard being the coordinator, but the planned research will be essential for creating a market for such products, and thus of high interest for Borregaard. 1. Supply samples of Exilva microfibrillated cellulose 2. Development of spray dried product will be a task for Borregaard by co-formulating with additives that preserve the properties. 3. Development of the procedures for bark extraction at larger scale. Nematodes will probably not demand the same strict quality specifications as animal feed, thus costs can be optimised. 4. A possible product of a blend of inorganic gypsum and degraded lignin as a side stream from biorefining could be an interesting product for soil conditioner / nematode treatment. Process development of this side stream to a product will be a task for Borregaard.

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