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E!2560 Adaptation, development and piloting new non-intrusive corrosion detection methodology

Alternative title: E!2560 Tilpasning og utvikling og pilotering av ny teknologi for korrosjonsdeteksjon.

Awarded: NOK 5.3 mill.

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2023 - 2024

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Early corrosion detection on coated metal surfaces allows for early interventions, protecting safety and investments. The project will adapt and pilot an autonomous system for non-intrusive corrosion detection based on the Field Kelvin Probe (FKP) patented by NORCE. The system is intended for the professional market/industry such as energy production, land and sea transportation etc. The societal impact of streamlined corrosion detection is potentially vast in terms of protecting investments and public safety.

Early detection of corrosion by non-intrusive methods is routinely used in many industries. Among the most common technologies are ultrasound and eddy currents. Often, these technologies rely on intelligent image analysis. Indikel AS has developed and patented a design for a completely different method, namely the Field Kelvin Probe (FKP), and prototyped a handheld instrument. This solution is significantly more efficient and robust compared to the commercial alternatives, reducing the time for mapping a defined surface by a factor of 10-100. The results of the project will be the fastest and most accurate instrumentation for non-intrusive corrosion detection available in the industrial market.Industries recognize that installations inspected with the FKP could be repaired at an earlier corrosion (damage) stage, meaning they operate for a longer time, as early detection and repair of defects increase installation lifetime. The FKP products are intended for numerous land-based and sea-based industries; energy production, vessels, bridges, construction etc. Our products and software will allow efficient corrosion management in virtually all industries. The societal impact on streamlined corrosion detection is potentially vast in terms of protecting investments and public safety. We regard our technology as completely new for some purposes while for other applications is new in an existing market. We do not know of any similar competitors. The closest reference to a Kelvin Probe for field use comes from USA where it was tested on bridges. However, the FKP has unique features such as portability, self-calibration and far wider field of applications.

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