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E!2816 Device for household appliance fire prevention

Alternative title: E!2816 Utvikling av innretning som forhindrer brann i elektriske husholdningsapparater.

Awarded: NOK 5.0 mill.

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Project Period:

2023 - 2025

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The project will develop modern safety equipment that allows the safe use of electrical equipment. This also involves research into the development of electrical fires through scientific analysis of smoke and gas development in and around electrical household appliances. Social effects will be fire safety, lower power consumption, and better possibilities for load balancing, which in turn results in less need for new development of power lines. For the consumer, the project will have the potential to save electricity, as well as safe use of electrical appliances during periods of low power costs. We believe the project will solve a significant societal problem in relation to fire safety which has a positive effect on both the economy and public health. The project is directly related to the UN's sustainability goals 3 (Health), 7 (Clean energy), 9 (Innovation) and 11 (Sustainable cities).

The project will develop new technology for fire prevention in homes. We will design a new fire-prevention sensor product for electrical appliances (washing machine, dryer, dishwasher etc). Based on R&D on smoke/fume and fire development performed by Western Norway University of Applied Science, the device will detect early-stage indications of fire/heat/fumes and instigate actions to stop a fire from developing, saving lives and protecting property.

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