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Real Time Medical Holography for pre-surgical planning and point-of-care intervention support tailored to multiple clinical specialties

Awarded: NOK 0.50 mill.

Holocare is working to deliver a hospital-grade, clinically validated software application that is based in a secure cloud platform that can create near real time 3D holograms based on diverse medical imaging scans that can be viewed on a mixed reality headset for surgical planning and support purposes. Access to such holograms prior to surgery is valuable for multi-surgeon surgical planning, especially in complex surgeries; during surgery, access to 3D Holograms is seen as valuable by clinicians to see the latest scans of the patient overlaid onto the real patient for precise surgical support, replacing 2D images seen from afar and not contextualized onto the patient’s position; after surgery, the same 3D holograms can be used for clinical training of the next generation of clinicians with a view to using richer insights for learning surgical specialities. The output of this project will be a pre-commercial medical application, ready for regulatory approval, that will be made available to the clinical community to assist in surgical planning and intra-operative surgical guidance. Upon successful development and launch of our product, surgeons can expect much short planning processes, shorter surgeries, shorter periods between image capture and intraoperative use. Patients can expect safer surgeries, with more personalized and near real time surgical plan, resulting in fewer complications and more effective therapies. This project will be a key enabler for HoloCare’s technology to leave the lab/surgical simulation environment and start being used in clinical practice, incl. intraoperatively.

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