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Integrated approach to the challenge of sustainable food systems: adaptive and mitigatory strategies to address climate change & malnutrion

Alternative title: Integrert tilnærming til utfordringen med bærekraftige matsystemer:adaptive & avbøtende strategier for å møte klimaendringer & underernæring

Awarded: NOK 0.60 mill.

Popular science presentation - Congress of the European Association of Agricultural Economists (EAAE) - international econometrics society - OECD meetings - Annual Meeting of the Norwegian Association of Economists - Climate and food system conferences Pre-reviewed publication in scientific Journals like - Agricultural and food economics - Economies - Heliyon and Frontiers

Securing sufficient and healthy food for all, while minimizing environmental impact is the great challenge we face already today. Local production limits and global trade challenge equal access to food. With climate change increasingly affecting food production in areas, which are already disadvantaged, unprecedented population (especially in urban and coastal areas) and income growth and deterioration of usable land, these challenges will intensify. We need a holistic approach to transform the global food production system with the ability to adapt to regional necessities. The SYSTEMIC network (an integrated approach to the challenge of sustainable food systems: adaptive and mitigatory strategies to address climate change and malnutrition) will bring together scientists and practitioners from different disciplines and expertise on different parts of the food system to explore cross-cutting solutions, identify knowledge gaps and develop pathways for a food system transformation, which is climate-resilient and able to cope with societal challenges. While the information on policies and technologies that would enhance productivity and sustainability of individual agricultural sectors is available to some extent, literature is practically devoid of information and experiences for countries and communities considering a comprehensive approach (cross-sectoral policies, strategies, and technologies) to sustainable food and agriculture. This project is the first effort to fill this gap, providing information on proven options and opportunities that provides sustainable, resilient, and nutritional food from both land and sea. The SYSTEMIC project idea is based on researchers from 41 research groups working in eight countries by creating a network for a better understanding of food and nutrition security in a changing environment.

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