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MAROFF-2-Maritim virksomhet og offsh-2

OpenZero – Digital user interface design for energy-conscious and safe maritime operations

Alternative title: OpenZero: Brukergrensesnittdesign for energieffektive og sikre maritime operasjoner

Awarded: NOK 12.0 mill.

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Project Period:

2023 - 2027


The maritime sector must make significant changes to decrease its carbon footprint. User interfaces are a critical component in this transition that allows mariners to operate new technologies safely and efficiently. As new energy efficient technologies are introduced in the industry, they need to be well integrated into already complex maritime workplaces. Despite the importance of digital interfaces there are currently no design guidelines supporting the design of energy-efficient and secure maritime interfaces. Also, there are limited available examples showing how to design user interfaces for new technologies such as large-scale wind propulsion and new energy carriers such as hydrogen. Missing design guidelines supporting the maritime energy transition can potentially reduce users ability to fully and safely use the new technologies. OpenZero aims to bridge this gap by creating an open-source user interface design system specifically for energy-conscious and secure maritime operations. This initiative will establish core components and principles, enabling navigators and maritime staff to achieve secure and energy-saving operations. OpenZero is driven by a coalition of 27 partners that promotes open innovation in user interface design. Each partner contributes unique perspectives, needs, and challenges to the collaboration. To secure wide adoption of the project results, they will be directly integrated into OpenBridge, the world’s leading open-source maritime design system.

The OpenZero project aims to strike a balance between safety and green shipping in the maritime industry by focusing on digital user interface design. With the rapid advancement of green shipping technologies such as low-emission fuels and alternative renewable propulsion sources, there is a need to address the lack of industry standards for user interface design, which can threaten the effectiveness of these new technologies and the safety of maritime operations. The new technologies introduced into the complex and safety-critical maritime workplace increase the cognitive load on mariners, who are required to manage multiple systems while maintaining situational awareness. However, there is currently no design guidance or regulation to support the design of user interfaces for energy-conscious decision-making. OpenZero will tackle this issue by creating the world's first open user interface design system for Energy-Conscious and Safe Maritime Operations (ECSO), which will promote energy-related situational awareness, reduce the cognitive load on mariners, and advance the knowledge of Human-Computer Interactions. The project will explore the application of eco-feedback, behavioral design, and nudging across maritime user interfaces and incorporate them into a user interface design system. The OpenZero project will be built on the OpenBridge Design System managed by Ocean Industries Concept Lab and will involve a consortium of green shipping technology makers, a ship owner, academic research institutions, design agencies, and stakeholders. The project aims to have a global impact by sharing its knowledge and results the OpenBridge platform.

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MAROFF-2-Maritim virksomhet og offsh-2