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ZIPLine instrument feeder device

Awarded: NOK 74,999

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2023 - 2023


For 30 years, attempts to resolve the problem of manual insertion of instruments into endoscope channels have been unsuccessful. There are still no commercial products available. Demand for endoscopy procedures is increasing (CAGR of 1.3% 2022-2030 GVR 2021). This is increasing further with cancer screening programs for the over 50’s, a 35% prevalence of gastrointestinal disorders in the over 65’s and a preference for minimally invasive surgeries and novel interventions (radiofrequency ablation, lesion genetic profiling, GMI 2022). Staff/skill shortages and growing waiting lists are placing additional pressure on services (Ravindran, 2021). MEDevice has introduced an innovative technical solution to the problem of lengthy endoscope procedures. Our patented automatic instrument feeder ‘ZIPline’ replaces the slow and repetitive manual insertion of instruments along endoscope channels. The device is multi-instrument compatible (biopsy and grasping forceps, scissors, coagulating electrodes, aspiration/injection needles, cytology brushes, dislodgers and hot/cold snares). The device reduces endoscopy procedural time, increases critical cancer screening capacity and minimises repetitive hand movement injuries. The device is unique and first to market in its category. All previous attempts to solve the problem have failed due to issues of inadequate decontamination and incompatibility with endoscopist operations and movements. The device is single patient use, avoiding any potential for cross contamination issues between procedures. Use of recyclable materials will ensure sustainability and compliance with life-cycle targets. we have entered a stage one application for EIC accelerator and target to deliver a stage two application by June 6th 2023

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