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Superior Monitoring of cardiac function using Accelerometers to detect and prevent cardiac dysfunction

Awarded: NOK 74,999

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2023 - 2023



Cardiaccs AS has developed CardiaSense (CS), a patented solution for monitoring of heart function in patients undergoing open-heart surgeries. CS combines an accelerometer with a standard temporary pacemaker lead, which is routinely placed on the heart surface during surgeries. The technology provides a real-time measurement of the heart function performs the accurate, real-time, and continuous monitoring of heart function during and after surgeries, with zero footprint on clinical routines and no need for specialized staff to interpret cardiac metrics. Importantly, it enables the very early and actionable detection of heart disorders before patients develop critical symptoms. With a prototype of CS, pilot clinical trials were initiated, and we are now aiming at to develop software capable of displaying cardiac function metrics with clinical utility . Based on its added-values features, CS has good prospects to become the new gold standard to monitor and manage cardiac surgical patients. In this project we intend to do analysis on already gathered animal and human data. The current CardiaSense software used in our clinical pilot study only displayed the measured raw data representing movement of the myocardium in three axes and there is no processing of the signals to extract parameters which provide clinically relevant information about the current functional status of the heart. This is needed to make the product clinically useful. Cardiaccs has conceptualized several potential algorithms that have good prospects for providing intuitive function parameters that can be displayed on the monitor. The parameter provided by the algorithm developed in this project will be tested in a 150 patient clinical study for regulatory approval and market launch.

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