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European Defence Industrial Standardisation Action

Awarded: NOK 0.27 mill.

Based on the current and emerging security threats and challenges in the geostrategic environment, there is an increasing need for acquisition and defense material and support of interoperability. In addition, the EEA needs to maintain its technological edge and support its industrial base through employing emerging and disruptive technologies across civil, defence and space industries. Standards are an important tool for the adoption of innovations and emerging and disruptive technologies. Better linking standards with public security-related procurement programmes can help the European industries maintain their lead in critical technologies of importance. The application of qualitative defense and civil standards is essential for the development of interoperable capabilities. This requires the establishment of a common mindset and understanding through education. EDISA aims to lay the foundation for building skills of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in Europe (approx. 50.000 SMEs in Europe constitute 99% of the Defence Industrial Technological Base) and to young professionals through the provision of training programs and tools on Innovation, Standardisation Management, and on the selection and use of applicable standards and standard-like documents in European Defence and Security acquisition programs. The project will analyze the stakeholders' need for standardisation knowledge and consequently build tailored training and information material to address these challenges. The research will address how these trainings are best delivered to each stakeholder group. EDISA will also address identified gaps in the standardisation landscape that the stakeholders experience. Through the EDISA digital platform prototype, it will be possible to connect stakeholders. This will help to develop a system to efficiently identify applicable standards for civil protection and defence projects.

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