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Summer School and Conference on Experimental Finance 2024

Alternative title: 2024 Society of Experimental Finance konferanse og sommerskole

Awarded: NOK 0.37 mill.

The Conference and Summer School for the Society of Experimental Finance will take place in Stavanger in June 2024. For the first time, the event will include a networking session with a focus on women in finance. The goal of this initiative is to provide mentoring access for young female researchers, and a networking opportunity for all women who are party of the society. We plan to hold a panel, where senior researchers can share their experiences, discuss barriers they have faced and/or are facing, and how they have overcome them. There will also be a chance to ask questions. We believe this is a very important initiative, since the pipeline from assistant to full professors for women in finance has almost 60% attrition. The summer school segment of the event is targeted toward 30 Ph.D. students, master students, and early career researchers who want to learn more about the advances in the field of experimental finance, and corporate governance. The conference centers in the discussion and dissemination of research papers that seek to help us understand the function and ethics of financial markets.


The project consists of two parts: (1) Ph.D. summer school and (2) annual world meetings for the Society of Experimental Finance in June 2024. About 500 people are currently members of the Society for Experimental Finance (website: Both activities present and discuss topics relevant to the function and ethics of financial markets. The Summer School brings together 30 Ph.D. students from around the world for an intensive 2-day workshop, offered by experts in the field. The summer school is scheduled for 8-10 June, 2024. Olga Rud (Project Manager) offered a module for the 2023 Summer School, and for 2024 Olga plans to teach jointly with other experts. Nadya Malenko (Boston College) has already confirmed her participation in both the summer school, and the conference, as a keynote speaker. Michaela Pagel (Washington University) and Elena Asparouhova (U. Utah) have confirmed their participation as well. The Conference follows the Summer School with about 80 scientific contributions and 3 female keynote speakers. The topics for this year are centred on Corporate Governance. The conference is scheduled for 10-13 June, 2024. The sessions combine presentations from Ph.D students and Professors. In addition to the scientific presentations, the conference includes a novel mentoring session: women in finance. We have also confirmed the participation of the Stavanger Chamber of Commerce Finance Network. The session seeks to improve the diversity in the field and industry, and facilitate networking among the underrepresented groups.

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