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Commercialization of RIMARC – Next Minutes Prediction system for Ocean Waves and Vessel motions using the onboard navigation radars

Alternative title: Kommersialisering av RIMARC – Neste minutters prediksjonssystem for havbølger og fartøysbevegelser ved bruk av navigasjonsradareren ombord

Awarded: NOK 5.0 mill.

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2024 - 2025

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Our RIMARC system developed together with MIT Ocean Research predict accurate ocean waves 4-8 minutes ahead in time, only using the onboard navigation radar. It is also a unique feature that RIMARC predicts the complete wave surface and wave heights, and not only give warnings of big waves the way competitors do. Ocean wave dynamics are the principal challenge in all operations at sea. Marine operations such as dynamic positioning (DP), offshore crane operations, subsea and wind farm installation and service, and sea transportation are complex operations which are highly sensitive to ocean wave dynamics. Today most decisions during vessel operations are based on operators experience and skills and not objective and quantitative real-time measurements and information about accurate wave data and vessel motions. The RIMARC system will greatly improve safety and efficiency for all ocean operations, both for offshore and subsea operations, offshore wind and other special vessels, smaller vessels as fish farm vessels, and merchant vessels such as passenger and cargo vessels. The main objective of the project is to transfer the RIMARC software from a research prototype into commercially available software modules and platforms. This project is currently in the pre-commercial phase, and a primary objective is to carry out further full-scale testing and simulations of wave and motion predictions on the two DOF test vessels Skandi Vega and Skandi Afrika to make the system robust. We will further develop, test and qualify the software for use in commercial applications. During the project we will work continuously to get better understanding of the value to the market and to create a most attractive offering for the market. RIMARC will provide the ocean industry with a cheap and robust system that is easy to implement into all vessels, both existing vessels and newbuilds.

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