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Leveraging Security and Privacy Technologies for Inclusive eID and Access Control Services (IncluDe)

Alternative title: Utnyttelse av sikkerhets- og personvernteknologier for inkluderende eID- og tilgangskontrolltjenester (IncluDe)

Awarded: NOK 5.0 mill.

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2024 - 2027

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In a world where digital identification (eID - electronic identity) is becoming increasingly important for access to public and private services, we face a major challenge: How to ensure that everyone, regardless of age, functional ability or technological knowledge, can participate fully in the digital world society? The project "IncluDe", (Leveraging Cryptographic Multi-Factor Authentication Solutions for Inclusive eID and Access Management Services (IncluDe)) led by BIOFY AS in collaboration with research and industry partners, aims to revolutionize the way we think about eID and access control through use of advanced security and privacy technologies. The core idea is to develop a cryptographic multi-factor authentication solution tailored to include our most vulnerable users: the elderly, young people between 12 and 15 years old, new immigrants, non-digital users and people with various disabilities. These groups often face significant obstacles in using today's eID solutions, which can be complex, difficult to navigate, and which do not always respect the individual's privacy and security. "IncluDe" is based on ground-breaking research in cryptobiometrics – a fusion of cryptography and biometric authentication – ensuring users' privacy by ensuring that biometric data is handled in a secure and private way. By adapting technology to meet the needs of the most vulnerable user groups, the "IncluDe" project has the potential to open up the digital world to more people, reduce digital exclusion, and strengthen trust in digital services nationally and internationally. The project's success will not only have a direct impact on the target groups, but will also serve as an example of how technological innovations can be used to create a more inclusive society, where technology not only solves commercial or technical challenges, but also addresses deeper social and ethical questions . "IncluDe" leads towards a future where digital inclusion is a reality for everyone.

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