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Lightweight Super-Resolution Imaging

Alternative title: Kompakt bildebehandling for superoppløsning

Awarded: NOK 5.0 mill.

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Project Period:

2024 - 2026

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The introduction of super-resolution proved to be one of the greatest advances in microscopy the last decades. Super-resolution technologies are still young and pose disadvantages with their speed, quality, and cost. Through a decade of research, utilization of AI, and close collaboration with the microscopy industry, we present the super-resolution technique MUSICAL as a modern solution outmatching any commercial solution in terms of cost and flexibility, while maintaining speed and quality. The main objective with this project is to develop a hardware prototype of MUSICAL. Super-resolution techniques such as MUSICAL process heavy amounts of data. With a successful transition to a hardware solution, we will be able to process this data at several times the speed compared to our minimum viable product (cloud-based solution). The MUSICAL hardware module will be able to further utilize our competitive advantages and establish our solution as a state-of-the-art for the global super-resolution market. To achieve our objectives, we will work together with a selected company specialized in software-to-hardware implementation. During this collaboration, we will also include key opinion leaders (KOL) to advise on our development to ensure the end-product match the industry and end-user needs. When a successful development of our hardware solution has been reached, we will through our industry partners demonstrate real time super-resolution imaging and prepare our licensing terms. Findings this far concerns the demonstrating super-resolution capabilities through our cloud-based solution, validating MUSICALs quality and processing of images. We have also performed imaging with an established SME in the European microscopy industry validating our solution directly for applications.

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