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Advanced degradable nanocellulose-based matrix for stem cell differentiation and burn wound healing

Awarded: NOK 69,999

The aim of the M-ERA.NET project proposal will be to develop a mesenchymal stem cell loaded matrix (Cellu4Heal matrix) for healing of severe burns. The novel matrix will be based on nanocellulose engineered with build-in biodegradability and antibacterial properties. The matrix will be administrated on the wounds with a novel and intelligent spray-on delivery system that will be developed in the project. The PES-Cellu4Heal project will revise the litterature in this area, refine the novel idea with a nanocellulose based matrix having built-in degradability, and in cooperation with the other project partners, describe the activities in the project in well defined work packages and elaborate the whole proposal. The partners will have frequent Teams meeting working together on the proposal in the project period. A proposal will be submitted within the deadline 21 November 2023.

Funding scheme: