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Trustworthy Digital Twins across Decentralised Cyber Continuum

Awarded: NOK 49,999

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2023 - 2024



The recent advance in information architectures require to interconnect resources from multiple layers of cloud, edge computing, and IoT with continuous interactions. The project seeks to augment existing Cloud Computing and networking solutions with support for multiple cloud infrastructures and seamless integration of cloud-based microservices. The platform can empower automated workflow of business intelligence rooted in small, locally accountable data and models, while in interactions with the global data and models. The ecosystem shall be populated securely among verified entities across a federation, with advanced, smart and agile protection mechanisms to manage the security and privacy of individual components. The system should proactively provide integrated end-to-end distributed platforms with automatic detection, analysis, and mitigation of cybersecurity attacks in the IoT-edge-cloud space. The initiative seeks to provide a common open forum to integrate and build on advances in cloud computing and blockchain, creating of an open-source hub with fine-grained access control for an open and connected infrastructure of shared resources (sensing, storage, computing, 3D printing, etc.) managed by blockchains and federations, based on the principles of Zero Trust Architecture (ZTA) among the federation of connected resources, identified by their respective Distributed Identifiers (DIDs). The initiative has the potential to provide a path for developing decentralized AI platforms, business models, and a modernized information ecosystem necessary for 5G networks. It gives the digital right and sharing control power back to the data creator, which is often considered as lost once it is shared today. It aims to create balance between data utility and privacy, thus creating a win-win situation between organizations and their customers.

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