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Feasibility of vacuum cooling at large industrial scale for production of a new generation of healthier bakery products

Alternative title: Anvendelighet for vakuumkjøling i stor industriell skala for produksjon av en ny generasjon sunnere bakervarer

Awarded: NOK 0.50 mill.

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2024 - 2024

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We have developed a tasty new type of oat-based loaf bread. It is enriched in a type of healthy soluble dietary fibre known as cereal beta-glucan. The breads are made using a special production process developed at Nofima. Our vision is to make these breads available to consumers in the whole of Norway. In this project we therefore investigate if and how our new production process can be scaled-up to the large industrial scale. The project will start early 2024 and run for 9 months. Specifically, we will investigate a process known as vacuum cooling. This a relative new method for the baking industry and one which is essential to make high-quality beta-glucan enriched bread. During the project period we will conduct several tasks. We will carry out market research into the potential of beta-glucan enriched bread with proven health benefits. We will carry out a detailed analysis of the existing literature for the various approaches and technical solutions of industrial vacuum cooling applicable to the bakery industry. We will identify potential manufacturers of vacuum cooling equipment suitable for large-scale bread production. Lastly, we will combine this new knowledge together so it can be transferred by the baking industry.

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