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Scalable electromagnetic multiplatform machine gun with proof of concept for drone mounting

Awarded: NOK 0.20 mill.

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2023 - 2024



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The project is a cutting-edge scalable electromagnetic machine gun designed to operate on multiple platforms. With a primary focus on versatility and adaptability, this project aims to establish a proof of concept for mounting the electromagnetic machine gun on drones, particularly fixed-wing drones. The scalability will ensure that the machine gun can be tailored for diverse purposes while retaining the same fundamental operating principles. Starting from the electromagnetic technology, modular design, bullet rotation and adjustable bullet speed analysis and implementation. An important part of the machine gun research in the project will be the research in the field of energy technologies and storage. A diverse array of tasks will be undertaken, chiefly falling within two overarching domains: control and aiming. These endeavours encompass a spectrum of critical facets, encompassing elements such as target finding and AI precise targeting, data collection, command and control centre, digital battlefield, turret mechanical movement system and turret stability. A substantial portion of the project will be dedicated to the study and design of a fixed-wing drone capable of carrying and operating the electromagnetic machine gun. This will involve aerodynamic considerations, weight distribution, recoil management and ensuring the drone's ability to carry the weapon system while maintaining flight stability. Safety measures and regulatory compliance will be inspected throughout the project. Ensuring that the electromagnetic machine gun and its integration with drones meet safety standards. In conclusion, the scalable electromagnetic machine gun multiplatform project, with a focus on drone mounting proof of concept, has the potential to revolutionize the way we approach defence and aerial applications, offering versatile and adaptable solutions to meet a wide range of operational needs.

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