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Novel fishing technology for the sustainable harvesting of seabed resources

Awarded: NOK 74,999

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2023 - 2024


Traditional seabed harvesting, like dredging, harms marine ecosystems and releases stored carbon. Ava Ocean presents Ava Ray, a precision seabed harvesting tech that enables eco-friendly harvesting of species like scallops, protecting ecosystems. This 24-month TRL6 project addresses food security amid population growth and crises. Seafood, vital for billions, faces overfishing and climate change. With 70% of fish stocks in crisis, oceans risk being fishless by 2050. Traditional seabed harvesting methods, including dredging, endanger marine life. Ava Ray uses innovative hardware and software for precise seabed harvesting. It ensures species selectivity, minimal seabed disturbance, and habitat protection. Fishermen use cameras to identify scallops before harvesting, reducing bycatch and improving efficiency. The system is integrated into vessels and aims to be adapted to coastal models, making it versatile and scalable. The breakthrough idea behind Ava Ray lies in its sustainable seabed harvesting approach. It drastically reduces seabed contact, selectively harvesting scallops and minimising ecological impact. Ava Ray's market entry aligns with several favourable factors. Food demand is expected to soar, and wild fisheries are depleting. Ava Ocean has already secured Norway's first commercial permit for Arctic scallops in 30 years, indicating trust from authorities. Ava Ray is the harbinger of a sustainable seafood future, setting new industry standards and opening doors to untapped seabed resources. This project, at the forefront of innovative technology, aims to revolutionize the seafood industry and help meet the world's growing protein needs while preserving our precious marine ecosystems.

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