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Arctic marine mammals in a time of climate change: a Kongsfjorden Case Study. RiS ID: 11501

Awarded: NOK 0.11 mill.

The fieldwork is a component of the NFR ARK (Arktisk Klima forandring Konsekvenser) project, which focuses on impacts of global warming on Arctic endemic marine mammals. The project is using a “case-study” approach based on the Kongsfjorden-Krossfjorden ecosystem, where the objective to examine how climate change is affecting the endemic seal species of Kongsfjorden, namely bearded seals and ringed seals. This is done by examining numbers, range, foraging ecology, and health status of the seals. This application focuses specifically on bearded seal pup production and health assessment in Kongsfjorden.

Funding scheme:

SSF-Svalbard Science Forum

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