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Human performance in the cold, RiS ID 12375

Awarded: NOK 94,999

The purpose of the project is to verify the performance effect of the newly developed field rations, Energon Arctic Field rations (EAF) by EnergonX and its consortium, both the food content, but also packaging, which will potentially reduce waste by 70% in the Norwegian Armed Forces and offer nutritional solutions that are better adapted to the work requirements in the Arctic. In our work, we are working together with the Norwegian special Forces (NORSOF) and other elite units in the Norwegian Armed Forces conducting cold-weather operations. By investigating work demands in the Arctic, this will optimize the product development for EnergonX and its consortium. It is essential for the project to conduct studies of those in the world who have the most experience in carrying out winter operations in the Arctic, both among civilians and in the Armed Forces. In that respect, it is necessary to conduct field tests in Svalbard on the Arctic Nature Guide (ANG) students at the University Centre in Svalbard (UNIS), which is recognized for its expertise and experience in conducting Arctic expeditions. In summary, we will perform human performance testing out in the field in connection with nutrition.

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