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Teacher Research Embedding Arts and Cultural Learning and Expression

Awarded: NOK 69,999

The TREACLE Project focuses on developing and applying methods rooted in performative learning theory, aiming to engage all children and young people. This initiative involves testing the use of various arts in teacher education programs and primary school lessons. It centers around four cross-cutting and cross-curricular topics: sustainability, well-being, citizenship, and intersectionality, which encompass social and cultural categories such as gender, class, and ethnicity. The project aims to demonstrate the positive impacts of these methods on cultural awareness and expression competence, enhancing creativity, innovation, critical and design thinking, communication, collaboration, and intercultural skills. This is vital for inclusive education and training systems, as well as for promoting democracy and civic engagement. Furthermore, the TREACLE project assesses the gaps in education and culture policies in three diverse European countries – Hungary, Great Britain, and Norway. It examines their school curricula and practices in teacher education and primary school teaching, identifying obstacles to fostering cultural awareness and expression competence through the arts. The findings are used to inform policymakers and professional development providers, extending beyond those directly involved in the project. This is achieved by engaging these stakeholders in workshops and other activities. Based on these insights, the project offers recommendations on how to effectively reach and impact the majority of children and young people through the integration of arts in education.

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