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PES: Quartz Enrichment Enabling Net-Zero Silicon Production - QUEEN

Awarded: NOK 69,999

Our objective in the EU project is to pioneer a more effective and environmentally friendly alternative process for producing high-purity quartz (metallurgy grade quartz) for production of MG-Si. The project first aim to test and screen some SiO2 sources in order to identify alternatives raw materials for more efficient MG-Si production. The SiO2 sources will be further processed into agglomerates that can be used on the arc furnace for production of MG-Si. The project seeks to use material flows that cannot be used in the production today and thereby increase the yield of the raw material source. The project plan to introduce biocarbon into the agglomerates to further reduce the CO2 footprint of the production process. The EU project will finally verify the process and product in pilot scale before validating it in large scale (TRL level 7 or higher).

Funding scheme: