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IKTPLUSS-IKT og digital innovasjon

37th Intl. Workshop on Description Logics

Awarded: NOK 99,999

The International Workshop on Description Logic (DL) is the major annual event of the description logic research community, which is an integral part of the knowledge representation and artificial intelligence (AI) communities. The «DL workshop» is a prestigious event that has been held annually since 1992, and somewhat less frequently before that ( This year, the 37th edition of the event (DL 2024, will be held at the University of Bergen, Norway. DL is the forum where AI researchers interested in description logics and their applications meet to discuss ideas, share information, and compare experiences. The DL workshop is an independent event, but has regularly been co-located with other major venues in order to foster exchange. It is safe to say that most of the theoretical background for ontology languages and reasoning for semantic technologies was first presented here. Knowledge representation and artificial intelligence are a large research field internationally, and there is a rising interest in these areas for data access, data integration, metadata governance, and the digitalisation of work processes in public sector and industry, also in Norway. They are the foundation for the successful FRIPRO project “Learning Description Logic Ontologies” currently in progress at the University of Bergen, with members of the organization team.

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IKTPLUSS-IKT og digital innovasjon