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COST 20130 Euro-MIC National Round Table: Digitalizing Microbiologically Influenced Corrosion (MIC)-Potentials and Challenges

Awarded: NOK 37,701

The event is part of the COST Action “European MIC Network – New paths for science, sustainability and standards” (Euro-MIC) CA20130, where both organizers are MC for Norway, and Dr. An Stepec is also the leader for WG2: Diagnostic technology development. Microbiologically Influenced Corrosion (MIC) is a phenomenon that is increasingly becoming a problem for the society. MIC describes the negative effects a material can experience due to the presence of microorganisms. In recent years, the growth of microorganisms is set to have a combined effect with global warming and pollution, that potentially can reduce materials lifetime by 20%. A rise in seawater temperature could also select for more corrosive microbial communities able to withstand the warmer water regime. It can therefore be assumed that an increased number of cases of MIC associated incidents should be expected in the coming decades. Consequently, it is crucially important to be proactive so that future challenges can be dealt with in a preventative manner and not when the damage accumulates en masse. The continued expansion of the blue economy (sustainable use of ocean resources) and the emerging needs of a circular economy (decoupling industry growth from the consumption of finite resources) not only herald novel challenges for the development of new materials such as composites and different MIC treatments. This event will be the first Euro-MIC meeting within Norway designed to engage stakeholders on a national level to bring awareness and knowledge exchange on the topic of MIC. Several sectors within Norway are aware and actively working on MIC, however, there haven’t been a common platform dedicated for bridging the gaps between the different disciplines. Furthermore, we aim to also invite international MIC experts (via online) to introduce MIC research, case studies and standards on a global level. This meeting is part of the Norwegian MC meeting that interjects WG1 and WG2 of COST Euro-MIC.

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