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Planetary Health

Meteorologisk institutt vil lede arbeidspakke 2 (WP2) 'Measure, model, and predict the impact of global climate change to local weather events, mediated by environmental degradation, on surface and drinking water quality and quantity'. Vår rolle vil dreie seg om simulering og analyse av klimaforh...

Tildelt: kr 69 999

Prosjektperiode: 2023-2023

Sted: Oslo

KLIMAFORSK-Stort program klima

Workshop on consolidation downscaling for the provision of regional climate information to society - Cordex Consolidate

The research community on downscaling global climate models has traditionally been fragmented and has until now not utilised potential benefits from joint experiences made within empirical-statistical and dynamical downscaling. For instance, while there are two CORDEX whitepapers on dynamical and...

Tildelt: kr 99 999

Prosjektperiode: 2022-2022

Sted: Oslo

KLIMAFORSK-Stort program klima

COoRdinated Downscaling EXperiment - Empirical-Statistical Downscaling Methods

The workshop is part of a series that will develop the core ESD comparison framework, evaluate and refine methodologies and engage stakeholders directly in coexploration and utilization of combined ESD/RCM data archives. A draft experiment framework has b een developed through the CORDEX Science ...

Tildelt: kr 59 838

Prosjektperiode: 2014-2015

Sted: Oslo

NORKLIMA-Klimaendringer og konsekvenser for Norge

Seasonal Predictability over the Arctic Region - exploring the role of boundary conditions

Thus far, seasonal prediction efforts have not made an optimal use of the information that is inherent in the inital states and memories of the cryosphere and the ocean. The impact of stratospheric events also needs to be considered in this context. The o bjective of the proposed project is to ex...

Tildelt: kr 7,8 mill.

Prosjektperiode: 2007-2011

Sted: Oslo