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TU-Tungt utstyr

Application for Advanced Scientific Equipment: HTS Bioimaging

RATIONALE FOR EQUIPMENT INVESTMENT The ability to study gene function on a large scale and systematically rather than one-by-one or case-by-case is the essence of functional genomics. A major criticism of the FUGE 1 program by the international Evaluatio n Panel was the lack of truly high throug...

Tildelt: kr 2,0 mill.

Prosjektperiode: 2007-2007

Sted: Vestland

FRIBIO-Biologi og biomedisin

The cadherin-catenin adhesion system in signaling and cancer

To assemble into organized tissues, cells must interact with one another and with the extracellular matrix. Cell-cell adhesion is initiated and maintained by adherens junctions. Within these junctions, transmembrane cadherins bind homophilically to join n eighboring cells. Changes in cell adhesio...

Tildelt: kr 1,6 mill.

Prosjektperiode: 2005-2009

Sted: Vestland

FUGE-Funksjonell genomforskn.i Norg

Molecular Imaging Platform: Imaging Genome Activity in Cells and Tissues

Understanding of the molecular basis of most diseases will not be feasible without a comprehensive and rigourous analysis of the function of the genes at the cellular and subcellular levels. Once genes and proteins have been identified in a particular bi ological context with the techniques of g...

Tildelt: kr 22,4 mill.

Prosjektperiode: 2003-2007

Sted: Vestland

AB-MED2-Basal medisinsk forskning II

Migratory behavior of cells in tumors. The role of G proteins


Tildelt: kr 0,90 mill.

Prosjektperiode: 2002-2005

Sted: Vestland