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MILUTARENA-Formidlings- og koordineringstiltak knyttet for miljø- og utviklingsforskning

Network support for “Living Norway Ecological Data Network”

...ability to react adequately to the current biodiversity crisis is directly... anthropogenic pressures. Because ecology is the scientific study of the interactions that...mitigating the current biodiversity crisis. In order to provide scientific knowledge...

Tildelt: kr 1,00 mill.

Prosjektperiode: 2021-2023

Sted: Trøndelag - Trööndelage

FRIHUMSAM-Fri prosj.st. hum og sam

Music, Motion, and Emotion Theoretical and Psychological Implications of Musical Embodiment

...project aims to throw light upon both aesthetic and therapeutic/prophylactic dimensions of...objective being to increase our awareness and understanding of the positive powers of music...(programs) that have been developed within the music-therapeutical method Bonny Method of...

Tildelt: kr 9,9 mill.

Prosjektperiode: 2008-2014

Sted: Oslo

MILUTARENA-Formidlings- og koordineringstiltak knyttet for miljø- og utviklingsforskning

Arne Næss Chair, Arne Næss Symposium & Arne Næss Seminarene

...Næss Chair in Global Justice and the Environment is designed to critically...edge insights into research on development and the environment and who explore burning issues...challenge, as well as environmental philosophy and ethics. Arne Næss Professors are invited to...

Tildelt: kr 99 999

Prosjektperiode: 2016-2017

Sted: Oslo

FRISAM-Fri prosjektstøtte samfunnsvitenskap

Poverty alleviation and sustainable livelihoods in small-scale fisheries: The Case of Nicaragua and Tanzania.

...aggrevating it . For instance, in fisheries and coastal communities poverty is commonly...coastal economies. Poor fishing people have no other available alternative than to continue their...aims to develop a fishery, one may undermine its very basis. Fisheries development and...

Tildelt: kr 4,9 mill.

Prosjektperiode: 2007-2012

Sted: Troms og Finnmark - Romsa ja Finnmárku - Tromssa ja Finmarkku

UTENRIKS-Internasjonale forhold - utenriks- og sikkerhetspolitikk og norske interesser

Stateless in the Bengali borderlands: New technologies and challenges for identity and identification

...in Bengal' investigates the current crisis of statelessness affecting...Rakhine state gave rise to a major refugee crisis, and tension between Bangladesh and Myanmar....(NRC) in Assam has sparked fears of another crisis, with mass detention of “foreigners” and...

Tildelt: kr 6,0 mill.

Prosjektperiode: 2021-2025

Sted: Oslo


Transmission of global shocks in small open economies and the interaction with fiscal and monetary policy

...of foreign shocks as well as to analyze how these shocks transmit into the domestic economy,...as to respond accordingly. However, foreign (whether it is real, nominal o r financial) shocks are...evidence of how the global financial crisis affected countries all over the world, but...

Tildelt: kr 0,80 mill.

Prosjektperiode: 2013-2015

Sted: Oslo

PES2020-Prosj.etabl.støtte H2020

CLEMENT: Christianity, Landscape, and Economy in the Medieval North

...promoted by the relatively new, but quickly expanding,...Humanities', a historical long-term glance at the environment can give us new insight into the...our thinking about our place in the environment and thus help us make adaptive solutions today...

Tildelt: kr 49 999

Prosjektperiode: 2019-2021

Sted: Oslo

MAROFF-2-Maritim virksomhet og offsh-2

Design and analysis of the foundation and anchoring systems of offshore wind turbine platforms for the southern Baltic

...The main objective of the proposed project is to...the southern Baltic Sea, within the Polish economical zone. The design will be based on existing...developments that are particularly adapted to the suggested deployment areas. Within the project...

Tildelt: kr 2,1 mill.

Prosjektperiode: 2013-2017

Sted: Vestland

NORGLOBAL-Norge - Global partner

In the Shadow of a Conflict: Impacts of Zimbabwe's Land Reform on Rural Poverty and Development in Mozambique, South Africa, and Zambia

...has been devoted to Zimbabwe's fast-track land reform - its causes, manifestations, and...- comparatively little has been written about the fates of those who left the country because of...rticular, the processes by which they entered and settled into rural communities in neighbouring...

Tildelt: kr 4,8 mill.

Prosjektperiode: 2007-2017

Sted: Viken

FRIHUMSAM-Fri prosj.st. hum og sam

Long term poverty dynamics in Nepal.

...combine quantitative and qualitative methodologies to understand long...conduct life-history interviews with a large random sample of households, preferably with an...births, separation of households, education, land purchases and sales, medical and other crisis,...

Tildelt: kr 2,0 mill.

Prosjektperiode: 2010-2013

Sted: Vestland

IS-DAAD-Forskerutveksl. Norge-Tyskland

Strengthening Peace Research in the Post-Soviet Space Norwegian-German Research Collaboratio

...the increasing difficulties in cooperation with...the trend towards authoritarianism, geopolitics and violence grows throughout the post-Soviet...an interest in strengthening peace research and peace studies on an integrative Euro-Asian...

Tildelt: kr 60 000

Prosjektperiode: 2015-2017

Sted: Troms og Finnmark - Romsa ja Finnmárku - Tromssa ja Finmarkku

PES2020-Prosj.etabl.støtte H2020

Writing the SME instrument phase 1 application for Waterfountain R&D and demonstration model, feasability study.

...The members of Oisann Engineering will submit an...1 SME Instrument call in Horizon 2020 from the European Commission. The abstract for our SME...the World Economic Forum identified water crisis as the top global risk in terms of impact....

Tildelt: kr 49 999

Prosjektperiode: 2018-2019

Sted: Agder

ENERGIX-Stort program energi

Protection of Power electronicallly Interfaced LV Distributed Generation Networks

...The new trend in power systems is developing...Generation (DG) due to some technical, economical and environmental reasons. However, the...Generation integrated into the power system and the wide application of power electronics,...

Tildelt: kr 2,7 mill.

Prosjektperiode: 2011-2016

Sted: Viken

FRIHUMSAM-Fri prosj.st. hum og sam

Imagining and experiencing the refugee crisis (IMEX)

...will consist of two interconnected pillars; the first will concentrate on how recently arrived...Europe. We will pay particular attention to how the decision-making process regarding why, how and...seekers experience arriving and establishing themselves in Norway. The pillar will focus on...

Tildelt: kr 8,2 mill.

Prosjektperiode: 2017-2022

Sted: Vestland

FRIHUMSAM-Fri prosj.st. hum og sam

SuperCamp: Genealogies of Humanitarian Containment in the Middle East

...proposal advances a new approach for understanding the Middle East refugee crisis that since...to neighboring host states. This has put the countries along the Mediterranean at the...so-called secondary migration. To prevent this, the EU and Schengen countries have from late March...

Tildelt: kr 10,2 mill.

Prosjektperiode: 2019-2022

Sted: Vestland

FRIBIO2-FRIPRO forskerprosjekt, biologi

LiceVault - implementing a model organism for studying vault function and application as smart adjuvant for fish vaccination

...are about the last enigmatic organelles in Eukaryotes. With...known to date, largely conserved in sequence and structure, and present in most eukaryote...as smart adjuvants in vaccination. Because of their ancient evolutionary origin, most of the...

Tildelt: kr 10,0 mill.

Prosjektperiode: 2019-2024

Sted: Vestland


New Media Environment. Media Convergence in Time and Space

...The aim of the project is the interdisciplinary...of the media convergence process in time and space ? transforming human surrounding. This...I have been carrying out since 1.10.2007 in Poland, entitled Aspects of Convergence. New Media...

Tildelt: kr 75 999

Prosjektperiode: 2010-2011

Sted: Ukjent Fylke

POS-ERC-Støtte til ERC søkere som oppnår god evaluering

Re-submission ERC Adv - CORE: Collective Obligations RE-considered: towards an historical geography of duties

...The objective of Re-Core is to submit a modified...The project will do this by focusing its research on the matter of collective...as more broadly conceived), by restricting the historical scope of the research (to the...

Tildelt: kr 0,48 mill.

Prosjektperiode: 2019-2020

Sted: Oslo

YFF-Yngre, fremragende forskere


...The western Society epidemic of life-style-related...threat to public health, as well as economy, and calls thus for effective, affordable treatment...of physical exercise on heart, arteries, and skeletal muscle in the context of prevention...

Tildelt: kr 10,0 mill.

Prosjektperiode: 2008-2011

Sted: Trøndelag - Trööndelage

FRIHUMSAM-Fri prosj.st. hum og sam

From zero to hero? Explaining the European Parliaments influence on EU external trade policy

...The EU's external trade policy is the strongest...which it is now putting to full use. However, there is very little research on the actual impact...the European Parliament exerts on trade policy, and how its impact can be explained. The project...

Tildelt: kr 3,0 mill.

Prosjektperiode: 2015-2018

Sted: Oslo

FRIHUMSAM-Fri prosj.st. hum og sam

The Realm of Norway and its dependencies as a political system

...The Realm of Norway and its dependencies was one...rule over the peripheral provinces of the realm and integrated the dependencies into a common...of Norway's incorporation into a unified Scandinavia. From 1450 onwards the medieval No...

Tildelt: kr 4,8 mill.

Prosjektperiode: 2010-2014

Sted: Trøndelag - Trööndelage

ENERGIX-Stort program energi

Far offshore operation and maintenance vessel concept development and optimisation

...The purpose of the project is to develop a...for offshore wind farms from a technical and economical perspective. The technical...for using the concepts in offshore conditions and takes also into account HMS aspects. The...

Tildelt: kr 4,0 mill.

Prosjektperiode: 2012-2014

Sted: Oslo


Development & assessment of technology improving fishing operation & on board processing with respect to environmental impact & fish quality

...The onboard fish handling systems, refrigeration...are strongly interconnected, mainly because they are competing for the same space and energy....choice of ch illing/freezing technology and energy systems a multidisciplinary approach is...

Tildelt: kr 13,0 mill.

Prosjektperiode: 2010-2015

Sted: Trøndelag - Trööndelage

NORGLOBAL-Norge - Global partner

Unravelling the Vicious Circle: Poverty Alleviation and Sustainable Livelihoods in Small-scale Fisheries

...inherently in conflict. This is particularly the case in economies based on natu ral resources....aggregating it. For instance, in some fisheries and coastal communities poverty is commonly...of natural resources. Poverty is both the cause and effect of u nsustainable fisheries...

Tildelt: kr 4,1 mill.

Prosjektperiode: 2008-2017

Sted: Troms og Finnmark - Romsa ja Finnmárku - Tromssa ja Finmarkku


Meaning and melancholy in the thought of Emmanuel Levinas

...The original title of the dissertation that is...is "Meaning and Crisis. Emmanuel Levinas and the difficult meaning of the Ethical." It has...objections that were raised in the dispu tation and the attached statement of the committee. This...

Tildelt: kr 30 037

Prosjektperiode: 2014-2015

Sted: Ukjent Fylke

SANOCEAN-South Africa - Norway co-operation on ocean research including blue economy, climate change, the env

Water/Energy conservation and fairness in collective burden sharing

...fairness of different income groups about how the burden of collective action in conserving...should be allocated in times of crisis. Using the insights of fairness principles, behavioural...as, payment for received municipal services. The first part of this study will assess how...

Tildelt: kr 1,0 mill.

Prosjektperiode: 2018-2023

Sted: Vestland


Validation of statistical oil drift simulations for the Barents Sea using surface drifter data

...The Norwegian Meteorological Institute (met.no)...related to oil spill modelling at sea. These projects would benefit from improved...system for Norway, while OilWave (PETROMAKS) and BioWave (HavKyst) are focused on improving the...

Tildelt: kr 0,14 mill.

Prosjektperiode: 2011-2012

Sted: Ukjent Fylke

ENERGIX-Stort program energi

Photoelectrochemical Water Splitting: A Korea - Norway Research Cooperation (PhotoKORNOR)

...The depleting fossil fuels and altering climatic...to be the energy carrier of our future due to its sustainability and environment compatibility....(PEC) water splitting is considered as one of the ultimate solutions to make the hydrogen cycle...

Tildelt: kr 26 000

Prosjektperiode: 2017-2019

Sted: Trøndelag - Trööndelage

FORINFRA-Nasj.sats. forskn.infrastrukt

ELIXIR.NO - a Norwegian ELIXIR node

...The Norwegian ELIXIR Node will contribute to the...by providing competence and resources towards the marine domain including fish and microbial...towards biomedicine with a focus on biobanks. The Node will implement an e- infrastructure...

Tildelt: kr 49,4 mill.

Prosjektperiode: 2012-2017

Sted: Vestland

PES2020-Prosj.etabl.støtte H2020

Financial support for AbleOn Medical when writing an application targeting H2020

...The project goal is to write an excellent phase 1...regard a project with following description. The global healthcare is currently under an...pressure that is expected to grow rapidly in the future and new disruptive innovations are...

Tildelt: kr 39 999

Prosjektperiode: 2016-2016

Sted: Vestland