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NATURNAER-Natur og næring

Modelling disease dispersal in marine fish aquaculture in Norwegian coastal areas: Contributions to a new concept of area management?

As a measure to avoid the spreading of fish and shellfish diseases, a defined distance is required between all aquaculture facilities. From 2006, this requirement was also implemented for intermediate live storing of fish. The established distance regulat ions represent a clear limitation to the ...

Tildelt: kr 3,6 mill.

Prosjektperiode: 2007-2010

Sted: Vestland

HAVBRUK-Havbruk - en næring i vekst

Can bivalves act as vectors of fish pathogenic bacteria and viruses?

The growth of the Norwegian aquaculture industry inevitably results in a competion for space. Production of both fish and bivalves at one site, or at sites close to each other, has been suggested as a method to increase efficiency of bivalve farming, and utilization of space, as well as to increa...

Tildelt: kr 4,0 mill.

Prosjektperiode: 2002-2006

Sted: Vestland