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H20-INFRA-Research infrastructures

Advancement and Innovation for Detectors at Accelerators

Tildelt: kr 1,9 mill.

Particle physics attracts a global community of more than 10,000 scientists, and Europe’s leadership, with CERN as its major laboratory, is internationally recognised. Discoveries are technology-driven; more performant accelerators require innovative detectors to unfold their scientific potential, driving available or emerging technologies beyond their limits. The role of industry is rapidly increasing, due to the need for highly specialised equipment and due to the scale of the installations, where thousands or millions of components require industrial-scale infrastructure. AIDAinnova advances the European detector development infrastructures through fostering an intensified co-innovation with industry. Based on the success of the previous EC-funded initiatives AIDA and AIDA-2020, the project as a novel element fully integrates commercial players, 10 industrial companies and 3 RTOs, together with academic institutions into the consortium, which comprises 46 partners from 15 countries. Knowledge transfer will be catalysed through co-innovative work in common detector projects, and it will strengthen the competence and competitiveness of the industrial partners in other markets. AIDAinnova provides state-of-the-art upgrades of research infrastructure such as test beam and irradiation facilities, and it covers all key technologies for future detectors, following the guidance by the European Particle Physics Strategy Update. The focus is on strategic developments at intermediate technological readiness levels TRL 2-7, where developments are not yet as specific to one particular experiment as in the engineering phase, and it also includes prospective R&D at TRL 1. Therefore, AIDAinnova will unfold synergies by bringing together the expertise from communities aiming at various future projects and maximise the use of resources. Through the large leverage on matching funds from national sources the project leads to enhanced coherence and coordination at a European level.


H20-INFRA-Research infrastructures