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H20-INNOSUPSME-Innovation in SMEs

Advanced Materials and Manufacturing Technologies united for Lightweight

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2021 - 2024

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The benefits of lightweighting in decarbonisation & resource efficiency for circular economy cuts across different industries, having the most important impacts on the automotive, aerospace & aeronautics, energy and building sectors. During the last decades, the main types of advanced materials and their manufacturing have enabled reducing weight while enhancing performance. However, their rate and intensity of penetration have been distributed unevenly across sectors, limiting their full potential. The goal of AMULET is to create new value chains by fostering the penetration of advanced materials in different fields through cross-regional and cross-sectoral knowledge exchange. Three types of activities will be implemented to foster innovation in SMEs. Firstly, R&D demonstration projects targeting current sectorial challenges will be developed to reach TRL7, following a competitive-based approach. Secondly, all SMEs participating in the project will receive technical training suport and business-to-business coaching for accelerating the commercialising of their innovative solutions. These activities will create a unique self-sustainable business framework, in which end-users and SMEs from established and new industrial supply chains will explore innovative lightweight-driven market opportunities. The consortium comprises a joint network of some 1717 SMEs, 341 large corporates and 93 universities, research and innovation institutes. At the long term, about 2,215 working positions are estimated to be created, while generating an additional €228M turnover for the targeted sectors. The ultimate goal of AMULET is to significantly contribute to CO2 emissions reduction in the EU by boosting the role of SMEs, in which their innovations are expected to be facilitated & supported by clusters.


H20-INNOSUPSME-Innovation in SMEs