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H20-TPT-Smart, green and integrated transport


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2021 - 2022



The future of aviation will have to be focused more and more around an environmentally sustainable improvement of aviation. This proposal constitutes the SESAR2020 Consortium Members’ combined response to the SESAR-W3-2020 Solutions found under the Industrial Research and Validation activities (IR) Topic 5–“Collaborative Management of TMA & Airport throughput” and under the Innovative Action (IA) SESAR-W3 Topic 6 “Integrated Runway Throughput and Terminal Efficiency (VLD-like)” as part of Very Large Scale Demonstrations (VLD). The call of these Topics 5 and 6 has been answered with a single, integrated proposal response. The proposal includes three Solutions: i. Solution PJ37-W3-01 named "Integrated Runway Throughput and Terminal Efficiency" of Topic 06 ii. Solution PJ37-W3-02 (Complement of PJ.07-W2-39 Collaborative framework managing delay constraints on arrivals) of Topic 5, and iii Solution PJ37-W3-03 (Complement of PJ.01-W2-08 Dynamic E-TMA for Advanced Continuous Climb and Descent Operations and improved Arrival and Departure Operations) of Topic 5. Solution PJ37-W3-01 will conduct a number of Real-Time Simulations (RTSs) and a Live Trial on two different operational environments one for departures and another one for arrivals, to demonstrate the benefits of the integrated TMA and runway throughput solutions; Solution PJ37-W3-02 is a complementary activity and will perform a Validation Exercise involving Local DCB (FMP), Air space Users and an Airport Operator at CDG Aerodrome, directly contributing to the Solution data pack of Solution PJ.07-W2-39. The Solution PJ37-W3-03 will support the PJ.01-W2-08 Solution data pack via a Live Trial of AMAN Arrival Streaming for Systemised Airspace and a Shadow Mode Trial, RTSs on 3D-Departures and Optimized Descents and a study to reduce additional airborne times. The aim is to deliver a fast track towards deployment, maximize network performance by combining solutions to facilitate greener of aviation.


H20-TPT-Smart, green and integrated transport