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H20-INFRA-Research infrastructures

Storage Research Infrastructure Eco-System

Tildelt: kr 9,5 mill.

According to the European Green Deal goals, new energy storage technologies will supply more flexibility and balance in the grid, providing a back-up to intermittent renewable energy and contribute to seasonal energy storage challenges. Above all, the main challenge for energy storage development is economic. In order to achieve more performing, competitive and cost effective energy storage devices, the project fosters a European ecosystem of industry and research organisations on energy storage technologies aimed at developing novel concepts and technologies. StoRIES brings together a consortium of 32 beneficiaries from 17 countries: ESFRI facilities, technology institutes, universities and industrial partners to jointly improve the economic performance of storage technologies. Members of the European Energy Research Alliance and from the industry lead European Association for Storage of Energy are establishing the core of this world-class European ecosystem. The main objectives of StoRIES are linked to the energy storage development by providing access to world-class research infrastructures and services, with a focus on improving materials for devices and optimizing hybrid energy systems with a view to make energy technologies more competitive and reducing costs. In addition, StoRIES focuses on the analysis of socio-technical and environmental aspects of new developments and systems and provides training and education on these issues. By promoting complementary expertise, interdisciplinary cooperation and a broader exchange of knowledge and technologies throughout the academic world and with industry, StoRIES will significantly improve the technological basis for energy storage applications. Furthermore, StoRIES will establish an ecosystem with international peer partners from Research and Industry to foster open science and promote new energy technology standards.


H20-INFRA-Research infrastructures