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CL2-Culture, creativity and inclusive society

Policy REcommendations to Maximise the beneficial Impact of Unexplored Mobilities in and beyond the European Union

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2023 - 2026


PREMIUM_EU will develop a Regional Policy Dashboard (RPD) for policy makers in vulnerable regions to help them formulate policies to use the potential of mobility to enhance regional inclusive growth and wellbeing. It is an evidence based tool, where policy makers are offered tailor-made selections of policies that reflect the mobility and regional development profiles of their region. The Dashboard contains three modules, that contain state of the art EU-wide regional qualitative and quantitative information: a mobility module (MM), a regional development effects module (RDEM), and a policy module (PM). The MM covers both past, current and future trends (forecasts/scenarios). In constructing past and current patterns and trends, innovative methodologies will be used that combines traditional migration statistics with novel geocoded data from social media usage. Moreover, mobility flows will tae into account the human capital dimension, which allows to study brain drain and brain gain processes, and mismatches on the labour market, such as evidenced in labour exploitation of migrant workers filling the lowest sports of the labour market. A typology of regions based on the mix of different types of mobility will be developed. The RDEM uses a multidimensional definition of development, covering not only economic, but also social and cultural aspects. A typology of regions based on the multidimensional set of regional development indicators will also be developed. Causal modeling of mobility and regional development will point at the key drivers of mobility relevant for development, and the reverse relation of the key regional determinants of inward and outward moves. The PM will choose a palette of relevant policies for the user based on the regional profile in the mobility/regional development typology. Users will also be given the opportunity to feed their experiences into the RPD.


CL2-Culture, creativity and inclusive society