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CL5-Climate, Energy and Mobility

iTEC SkyNex ATC platform

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2023 - 2026

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iTEC SkyNex ATC platform This project aims at evolving the iTEC platform architecture to support the virtual centre concept, by making use of state-of-the-art digital technologies and underlying architectural principles. The platform evolution will eventually provide a consistent contribution to enhance safety, resilience and scalability of the ATM network, allowing a more flexible provision of ATM services. This technical evolution will enable the full implementation of target architecture defined in the European ATM Master Plan (Phase D) through the instantiation of concepts such as platform as a service (PaaS) ATM data service Provision and highest automation level. This project is proposing the implementation of the most architecturally significant changes defined in the iTEC V3 being already agreed by all iTEC partners. In addition, the project will also continue the research of airspace delegation concept using Virtual Centre technologies, focusing on the delegation of the ATM services provision amongst ATSUs in a D-architecture. This work will be used as the main reference for the activities of the DEVICE project related to D architecture, requiring a strong coordination of both projects and alignment of their project plans.


CL5-Climate, Energy and Mobility